In a bubble..a bubble of stress.

so I am taking 17 hours this semester as a biology major with a pre med emphasis so yes its hard. I am currently wanting to transfer to a better school with a better pre med program but my app was frozen due to my not quite at the pre med standards gpa so I […]

Tell me about yourself!

  Have you ever wondered why other people create the blogs they do? I mean obviously you know why you did and you know why you take all the time and effort that you do making it perfect. But what about other people? I wanna know what this whole blog atmosphere is all about. For […]

Flipped upside feet cant touch the ground

Leaving for college my fall semester of my freshman year was something I had dreamed about for years now. I was finally going off to play division 1 college soccer and go to college and party every night..duh.  well after 3 weeks of non stop fitness, puking, crying to my boyfriend and parents every night, […]