In a bubble..a bubble of stress.

so I am taking 17 hours this semester as a biology major with a pre med emphasis so yes its hard. I am currently wanting to transfer to a better school with a better pre med program but my app was frozen due to my not quite at the pre med standards gpa so I […]

Help Alpha Gamma at University of Oklahoma

Help Alpha Gamma at University of Oklahoma Hello! so being a member and lover of the greek world, I am here to help a fellow greek chapter at another university. Alpha Gamma is a sorority at the University of Oklahoma and this past week, their house caught on fire. The sorority houses at many schools are […]

busy busy busy bee

phew. I have not had time to do anything besides school and sorority stuff these past couple of days. Taking 17 hours will kill ya plus im finally getting initiated into chi omega this weekend and so tonight starts our ceremonies! Good thing I don’t have class tomorrow so I can sleep allllll day.

Notetaking/windows 8.1 savvy people…step up to the plate.

okay so normally I have a solid reading and note taking system for class but I have literally been just kind of staring around typing random searches into google and trying to find something. I like the one note from Microsoft but the problem is that my text books haven’t come in (college professors suck […]

Tell me about yourself!

  Have you ever wondered why other people create the blogs they do? I mean obviously you know why you did and you know why you take all the time and effort that you do making it perfect. But what about other people? I wanna know what this whole blog atmosphere is all about. For […]