Dear Diary,
wait..is that what this is? a place I can post my daily thoughts about my beautiful mess of a life. Hi. I’m Samantha but most people call me Sam even though I am 18 now and have grown out of the pet name my parents gave me. I go to Texas State University in San Marcos, TX. I am a biology/pre med major which also means that I don’t really know what the real college experience is considering my face is buried into my textbooks 24/7. I am a Chi Omega (a sorority). I have a lisp and have been diagnosed with both ADHD and depression all in my first semester of college. My sister is mentally challenged and I love her with all my heart. I have a boyfriend of 4 years whos my bestest friend and the love of my life..yes I am 18..yes we have been together since I was 14..I can say that hes the love of my life considering hes been by my side through most a lot of it. I typically enjoy hanging out with dogs and cats rather than I do most people. I know nothing about grammar, writing, or punctuation so don’t correct me on any of my errors..im a biology major, remember? Well now that you know my whole life story, I think you should at least buy me dinner.


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