Dont worry..IM BACKKK!!!!


Sorry for the short time period where I fell off the Earth, but no worries I am back! Okay so after being in back to back classes from 11 this morning and 6:20 this evening, I am about to start my homework…yay. I have gotten super organized and am starting to kind of get back in the groove of things, but one thing I need help with from all my crafty organized crazies out there is……..I NEED A NEW PLANNER!!!! I had an Erin Condren but she has seen her last day so I had to temporarily switch over to my Lilly Pulitzer one that I had for a bit. I want one that I can personalize and be able to truly organize with. The Filofax planners just seem confusing to me unless someone can break it down for me. Ive seen/heard good things about Martha Stewart planners and considering I am not lookin to spend as much money as I did on my Erin Condren planner, Martha is lookin better and better. But any help is appreciated!!!!!!!!! I LOVE PLANNERS!!!! Help a girl out!! I am a college student enrolled in 17 hours, plus I am in a sorority and am 2 committes in my sorority, plus I have an on campus job, and a social life sooooo if you can find me a planner to fit my life that would be awesome! THANK YOU!!


I attached a pic of my current planner…I am sort of experimenting with techniques like color coordinating and stuff but I just like to doodle so I end up cluttering up my pages 😦

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