Syllabus week is over and this semester is awesome

So yesterday was the first day of the spring semester for my freshman year of college. In two days, I have witnessed things that made me just laugh at life. Some people just really could not care what others think and I wish I was exactly like them. So here we observations for the oh so dreaded syllabus “week” (2 days):

  • the usual skateboarder going way too fast around campus actually got close to being hit today…he must still be rusty from the break.
  • my philosophy teacher opened up class with telling the guys in the class to hit on the girls they found attractive in the class then left for 15 minutes and came back to take roll..then ended class.
  • my sociology teacher had the whole (200 people) class say where they are from, their major, and a typical stereotype about them…it was entertaining to say the least.
  • the kid that played the ukulele and sang in my math class last semester, is still roaming campus singing and playing his ukulele…I wish I could tell him how much I appreciate him doing that because it makes me instantly happy.
  • somehow I ended up having someone I know in every single one of my classes and I am taking 17 hours so I have a lot of classes..funny how in a campus of 30,000 the world is still so small.
  • I have a good amount of 40+ people in my classes which is always inspiring to me cause that takes some work to come back to school and deal with college kids…I could not do it.
  • Last but for sure not least, I was up late last night as I usually am, and I received an email from my university saying that there had been a bomb threat at a dorm down the road from me on campus. the news came. sirens were blaring all night. bomb squad invaded. no bomb…..but don’t worry they found out everything was good right before class was about to start. If you wanted to do a fake bomb threat then at least help us out and get some classes cancelled. I mean its only day 2 but some people handle stress in weird ways.

Needless to say, due to the fact that this semester is mostly to finish up all my random core classes, it will definitely be interesting but one for the books. Learning to see things in a new light is going to be just what I need. College is no joke kids…but its still entertaining as hell..unless you’re not doing what you need to do in school..then you just have problems left and right. school 1st. class and on campus is where all the funny/crazy/influential things happen anyway.

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