Netflix+ADD+too many good shows=no life

ImageObviously we all love Netflix and all the amazing tv shows that are on there but when does it stop?!?! I am caught in the middle here. I have started and not finished due to wanting to watch one of the other amazing shows the following series:

  • one tree hill
  • Friday night lights
  • don’t trust the bitch in apt 23
  • carrie diaries
  • glee
  • Weeds

So the shows I have actually finished are all just obvious because they are the best shows ever created:

  • gossip girl
  • 90210
  • orange is the new black
  • pretty much every law & order SVU and CSI
  • Pretty little liars (still has new episodes)
  • Vampire Diaries (still has new episodes)

Now im just stuck..stuck sitting in a frustration of which show I should finish or starting a new show..Netflix really doesn’t understand what it does to us with its absolute perfection. This summer will have to be scheduled around finishing all these shows and also the other shows I haven’t started but want to. phew. I have typed this while watching Glee..can syllabus week just end so I can stop posting pathetic posts about how I my main issue in life is Netflix.

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