And so it begins..

3 classes today plus my sorority chapter meeting and dinner and now its time to start my reading for my 3 classes tomorrow and my first ever job interview…its for on campus desk job but still IT’S A JOB PEOPLE!!! Anyway, im about to fill in all my important dates from all my different class syllabus’s or is it syllabi? obviously me getting my English credits done in AP classes in high school did not help me out since I can’t even spell. well anyway, all those dates are going into my planner (aka the love of my life) and its going to remind me that I am a pre med major and I have no life….crazy of me to even think otherwise..even for the month long break we had..silly me. I don’t even think the breaks over cause I have yet to unpack all the way because unpacking means that im no longer on vacation. I don’t like that….this is my worst blog yet in my whole 24 hour blogging career that I have had so far..which by the way, everyone is so awesome because the amount of likes and followers just on my first day of blogging EVER is so cool!! Like do y’all even read my random sentences that do not even make sense and probably run on for forever? Im just typing how I would talk and that’s a lot and fast with a lisp..okay guys my ADD is taking over me now…off to my pile of books. Ill probably blog again later complaining about school or just cause a random thought popped in my head.




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