I guess this is how it goes?

well..I am new to this whole thing and honestly im only creating this blog just so I can find a place to vent about my sad/crazy/unplanned life. Im Sam. Im 18 and in college. I am a Chi Omega (that’s a sorority) and no I am not some dumb generic girl who just spends daddy’s money like most of you think. Im a biology/pre med major and I plan on going to med school. I have a boyfriend of 4 years whos my best friend and I love him dearly. I like dogs and cats more than most humans. I have a lisp. Okay im done just writing random facts about myself cause this isnt a dating website. I guess I will mostly just write about my life and my ADD, depression, and desire to do something big with my life. 1006139_4977428359556_1931285072_n


so yeah. that’s me and my nephew. Hopefully this isnt too sarcastic and annoying for yall to read



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