since when?


since when does college mean going out on a Thursday night even if you have homework?

since when is it ever okay to tell someone to skip their sunday night bible study so they could study on sunday and go out tonight?

since when do kids just stop going to class right when they hear the class isn’t mandatory?

since when do kids only pick the teachers who make their class not mandatory?

since when has my generation decided that their parent’s money that is paying for those classes doesn’t matter?

since when has college gotten so embarrassing to be a part of?

-sincerely an extremely annoyed hardworking in a sorority college student.(who loves harry styles)

In a bubble..a bubble of stress.

so I am taking 17 hours this semester as a biology major with a pre med emphasis so yes its hard. I am currently wanting to transfer to a better school with a better pre med program but my app was frozen due to my not quite at the pre med standards gpa so I am having to do extremely well this semester. well I got a new planner and organized it like crazy but now I just cant find a way to rewrite my notes on either my computer on a good notetaking software or just a good way to write them by hand but I have to rewrite notes for 3 classes a night, plus doing the reading for the classes the next day. There is simply not enough time in the day for all of this. Any ideas? or just some ways to distress and be able to step back and take control?  AHHHHHHHHHHH. WHY COLLEGE???? WHHHHHHHHHHHHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY???

Dont worry..IM BACKKK!!!!


Sorry for the short time period where I fell off the Earth, but no worries I am back! Okay so after being in back to back classes from 11 this morning and 6:20 this evening, I am about to start my homework…yay. I have gotten super organized and am starting to kind of get back in the groove of things, but one thing I need help with from all my crafty organized crazies out there is……..I NEED A NEW PLANNER!!!! I had an Erin Condren but she has seen her last day so I had to temporarily switch over to my Lilly Pulitzer one that I had for a bit. I want one that I can personalize and be able to truly organize with. The Filofax planners just seem confusing to me unless someone can break it down for me. Ive seen/heard good things about Martha Stewart planners and considering I am not lookin to spend as much money as I did on my Erin Condren planner, Martha is lookin better and better. But any help is appreciated!!!!!!!!! I LOVE PLANNERS!!!! Help a girl out!! I am a college student enrolled in 17 hours, plus I am in a sorority and am 2 committes in my sorority, plus I have an on campus job, and a social life sooooo if you can find me a planner to fit my life that would be awesome! THANK YOU!!


I attached a pic of my current planner…I am sort of experimenting with techniques like color coordinating and stuff but I just like to doodle so I end up cluttering up my pages 😦

Help Alpha Gamma at University of Oklahoma

Help Alpha Gamma at University of Oklahoma

Hello! so being a member and lover of the greek world, I am here to help a fellow greek chapter at another university. Alpha Gamma is a sorority at the University of Oklahoma and this past week, their house caught on fire. The sorority houses at many schools are extremely old and carry a lot of history and tradition with them so this is truly heartbreaking. Many girls lost their home, belongings, and a place to come together as a sorority every week. Attached is a link to help raise money or just to spread the word about their house. The greek world may have a negative image but being on the inside, I see what it is truly all about and when times get hard, we all come together and help. So greek or not, please help to spread the word or even donate.

busy busy busy bee

phew. I have not had time to do anything besides school and sorority stuff these past couple of days. Taking 17 hours will kill ya plus im finally getting initiated into chi omega this weekend and so tonight starts our ceremonies! Good thing I don’t have class tomorrow so I can sleep allllll day.

Daily Prompt: All It’s Cracked Up to Be

IMG_9333.jpgDaily Prompt: All It’s Cracked Up to Be.

oh this is easy.

This picture turned out exactly like I thought it was for 2 reasons:

1. shes the sweetest, most perfect, loving puppy dog who is so curious about life and was trying to figure out what my camera was

2. I was holding a treat right above my camera lens…so yeah the first half of #1 is true but not the second..I just like to think life and photography is that easy

not cool windows…not cool.

well my prior post asking about some good note taking and reading tools for windows 8.1 or even windows in general…I was supposed to read for all 3 of my classes today and take reading notes but nope…I stayed up all night searching and searching and searching for a way to get either android or apple apps on the my Hp Split because…get ready….THE WINDOWS APP STORE HAS NO GOOD APPS!!!!!!!!!!! just so everyone knows. I am not a happy camper anymore.

Notetaking/windows 8.1 savvy people…step up to the plate.

okay so normally I have a solid reading and note taking system for class but I have literally been just kind of staring around typing random searches into google and trying to find something. I like the one note from Microsoft but the problem is that my text books haven’t come in (college professors suck about books) so all I have access to is the online ebooks that come with the homework site we have to purchase the access code for. I used to hand write allllll my notes but I got a new 2 in 1 hp for Christmas to replace my not so hands on and cool MacBook Pro (R.I.P) and im obsessed with using the cool windows 8.1 features…I just do not know what works for me yet. any advice?!

Tell me about yourself!


Have you ever wondered why other people create the blogs they do? I mean obviously you know why you did and you know why you take all the time and effort that you do making it perfect. But what about other people? I wanna know what this whole blog atmosphere is all about. For me, personally, I blog because it relaxes me, it makes me feel not so alone in this college town away from my family and friends who are awaiting my transfer back home next fall. It gives me the opportunity to be a little corky and know that there are other people on this site just like me. Now, tell me why you are blogging. Its anonymous, its only showing percentages so don’t be shy.